We offer effective bee removal services in Toronto. We understand how irritating it can be to have bees buzzing around when you are trying to relax. First we will inspect the suspected area where the bee colony is located. There are two general methods used to remove bee hives.

We will either apply a chemical directly to the bee hive. This chemical can take care of the whole colony if the hive is exposed. In more difficult cases where the hive is not easy to access, the pest control specialist will apply special dust that is carried back by the worker bees to the queen. In order to eliminate the whole colony you have to get rid of the queen bee. It is common for bees to find their way to trees, roofs, and walls.

CAUTION: Do not seal up a hole where bees are flying in and out. Sealing up the hole will cause a bigger problem as the worker bees will start building the hive inside the wall. Often the bees will build huge hives inside of houses without the owner knowing.